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We offer CNC services, millwork, finish carpentry, upholstery, and custom furniture fabrication, as well as design services including FF&E, 3D modeling, and interior design. 
We ensure proper translation of initial design to final product and are known for our quality and craftsmanship which contribute to the longevity of each piece. 
At VDF we believe in strong client relations and customer satisfaction. 

What truly distinguishes us is the unique background of our founder. Unlike many in this industry, he began his career as a professional furniture designer and subsequently established a factory in 2010 out of sheer frustration with the challenges of working with fabricators. Armed with a B.S. in Product Design from Art Center College of Design (1999), he brings a distinctive perspective to the table. This background virtually eliminates the typical communication barriers that often arise between architects, designers and fabricators, ensuring a seamless and collaborative process.


Nolen Niu

Founder + Designer

I'm a passionate furniture designer with roots in Europe's radical aesthetic approach. My journey began in Milan, where I immersed myself in cutting-edge Italian brands, seeking creative inspiration. ArtCenter in Pasadena became my sanctuary, a place where design permeated everything. Witnessing the caliber of work pushed me to elevate my own portfolio. This was the place I knew I had to be.

Now, my focus is on understanding how furniture integrates into our lives. It's more than aesthetics; it's about self-expression and social function. Every detail matters, revealing layers of personality. 

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